Google Will Soon Let You Manage Search Results About Yourself

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At Google I/O, security and privacy is always a big topic, and this year, Google is talking about searches for yourself. If you’ve ever searched for yourself before, you probably know that there’s some outdated info, or info that you don’t want to be available on Google. So this year, Google is making it easier than ever to fix that.

The new “Results about you” feature that will roll out later this year, makes it easier than ever for users to put in requests to have Google remove some information from the search results, within a few taps.

Now this has been available for quite some time already, but not it’s getting more robust. In the past, Google has required information like credit card information and social security to be available in Search results.


What can the “Results about you” feature actually do?

The Results about you feature will allow you to change things like your phone number, address and email address. For a lot of us, we don’t want that information on Google anyways, but for businesses like lawyers, doctors and such, that’s how they get clients. So Google will allow you to change that, though you do need to put in a request and Google may change it for you.

Within the Results about you feature, you can see your requests, as well as approved requests, those that are pending review and those that were possibly denied.

Google is also working towards a passwordless future, and is automatically enrolling everyone into two-step verification. But instead of forcing you to put in a six-digit code every time you login, you’ll just get a pop up on another device you have logged into Google with, to verify yourself. It’s not always easier, but if you only have Google on a few devices like a smartphone, tablet and computer, then it can be very simple.