You Can Finally Have Your Own Google TV Profile

Google TV Logo DG AH 2020

Last year, Google announced that it would bring profiles to Google TV, but it never happened. We were all waiting for the feature to come only to be disappointed. However, according to 9To5Google, the company finally confirmed that profiles are on their way.

If you don’t remember, Google officially announced that profiles were coming to Google TV, previously. That, however, was back in December 2021, and we didn’t hear anything about the feature until recently. It seemed as though Google just canned the whole project.

However, profiles for Google TV are finally rolling out

Google confirmed with 9To5Google that it’s rolling out the profiles starting today. This rollout is for all users, so you don’t have to worry about which region you’re in. Even though it’s rolling out now, it may take some time before the update actually arrives for your device. This is because the rollout will take place gradually over the next couple of weeks.


If you don’t see the update reach your device, you’ll need to wait just a bit. If you want to manually check for the update, go to Settings. From there, go to System and then go to About. From there, you should see the System Update option. Select that and search for the update. Check back every now and then if you don’t see the update.

How profiles work

Profiles on Google TV will work similarly to profiles on Android devices. When you log into your account, you’ll have your own recommendations for movies and TV shows along with your own watchlist. So, if you prefer horror and action movies, but your spouse just loves Coco Melon, you can both have content tailored to your tastes.

Each account (with the exception of kid accounts) will have access to all of the apps installed on the device, and each profile will have access to the logged-in account. This means that if you sign in to Netflix on one profile, another profile will have access to that same Netflix account, so just keep that in mind.


However, there will be some exceptions, especially for Google services. Since the profiles are tied to your Google account, each profile will have its own YouTube and YouTube TV account. We don’t know if, down the road, other apps will enable different accounts for different profiles, but getting actual profiles for Google TV is a good start.