Google Teases Smart Glasses With Translation Powers

Google IO 2022 smart glasses prototype

Google had a lot to say during its Google I/O 2022 keynote. Towards the end of it, the company really went all out. Not only did we get the Pixel 7 series and Pixel Watch tease, but Google also decided to tease its smart glasses with translation powers.

Google shown its smart glasses prototype with translation powers

Sundar Pichai was on stage when this happened. He said that AR (Augmented Reality) is a “new frontier of computing”. He then mentioned Multisearch, Scene Exploration, and Immersive View features once again, all of which were talked about during the keynote.

Sundari Pichai said: “These AR capabilities are already useful on phones and the magic will really come alive when you can use them in the real world without the technology getting in the way. That potential is what gets us most excited about AR”.


Following that, Pichai described one great use case. He mentioned Augmented Reality (AR) glasses for translation purposes, and shown a video presenting them during Google I/O keynote). Thanks to these smart glasses, people would be able to see a live transcript in their line of sight. Pichai said that these glasses (shown in the image above), are an early prototype that the company has been testing.

Do note that the AR content shown in the image above is simulated, it does not represent what people really see. It seems like the company’s smart glasses are not close to being released at all.

These smart glasses will likely look different once they become available

It’s also quite possible these smart glasses will look considerably different once they arrive. This is just an early prototype, so the design may be entirely different if they ever see the light of day.


It’s hard to argue that AR could be quite useful in everyday life, for a number of things. Most of you know that Google already dabbled in the smart glasses space with Google Glass. That project didn’t really blossom, though.

Many would say that Google Glass was ahead of its time, and that may be true. Let’s see if Google’s second attempt at smart glasses ends up being a success.