Google's SDK Index Is A Gift For Android Developers

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If you’re a developer, then you’ve definitely seen Google I/O. The event just wrapped up, but Google is still shelling out the goodies. In a blog post, Google unveiled the new SDK index for Android developers. This is a way for developers to gain access to safe and trusted SDKs.

When it comes to finding anything on the internet, it’s always best to remain safe. One bad file could mean the end of your computer or your entire business. This is important when it comes to developers. Devs need access to trustworthy SDKs so that they can safely develop their apps.

This is where the SDK Index helps developers

Google introduced the SDK Console, and now, it’s taking this concept to the next level. When you search for an SDK, you run the risk of finding an unsafe one, so you’ll want to make sure that you know about the SKD you’re getting. When you do the search, Google will give you additional information about each SDK. This will help you make a more informed decision about which one to get.


Google will use data gathered about the SDK to help you rate it. You’ll receive information like what permissions the SDK will ask for, if the provider follows the Play Store policies, the version adoption rate, etc. This will help developers paint a picture of the SDK’s quality and how much it can be trusted.

Google provided a mockup of the page you’ll see when you look up an SDK. You’ll see several bar graphs that show you retention, adoption rate, and other metrics. There are also bars on the bottom that show you the usage of the SDK based on the version. This way, you can see if one particular version caused the usage to go down. If that happens, then you know not to get that one.

What else happened at Google I/O

Google finally came out and revealed the Pixel Watch. It’s been rumored for a few years, and now, the company finally showed it off. The watch has a minimalist design which looks like a OnePlus Watch, honestly. It will have the Wear OS 3 operating system and tight integration with Android.


We don’t know how much the Pixel Watch is going to cost, but rumors expect it to be between $300 and $400. It will launch along with the Pixel 7 in the Fall.