Google Names Its Security And Privacy Tools 'Protected By Android'

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The goal of any large tech company is to make you believe that your data and privacy are secure (even though that’s not always the case). Google is no saint when it comes to data security, but it still has tools in place that aim to help people stay safe on Android. It’s called “Protected By Android”.

Large companies like Google, Apple, and Meta have access to a ton of data from people, and it wouldn’t be so bad if it wasn’t always at risk of being stolen by bad actors. Because of this, all of these companies have security protocols in place to help users maintain peace of mind.

This is what Protected By Android strives to achieve

Google already has security and privacy tools in place to keep Android users safe while on their phones. However, Protected By Android takes all of them and puts them under one branding. The company posted a promotional video detailing its security tools, but it showed the most information via a blog post.


The top of the page pretty much sums up what it’s all about. It showcases all of the things that Google is doing to keep your data safe and private. As stated before, these are things that the company has been doing for a while now. This isn’t some new feature that the company will push out in an update.

It’s just a unified name that Google will give all of its security and privacy tools. For a quick recap of what Protected By Android entails, it involves measures meant to keep bad characters from getting ahold of your data.

The Google Assistant automatically screens calls to reduce spam calls that would otherwise interrupt your day. The Google Play Store scans all of the apps that you download. This is to make sure that they aren’t carrying any viruses. If you don’t want to give apps certain permissions, you can choose to give them permissions only when you choose.


If you want to know more about how Android is keeping your data safe, you can check out the full page here.