Here's the Pixel Tablet Coming in 2023!

Screen Shot 2022 05 11 at 2 52 40 PM

At Google I/O today, the Made by Google team previewed a number of hardware products that are coming later this year, and next. One of those is the new Pixel Tablet – it’s unclear if that is what the final name will be or not right now. It’s coming in 2023.

Which is actually somewhat surprising, since Google famously gave up on tablets a couple of years ago. However, thanks to the pandemic, many of us are now using tablets again, and more often, so Google is giving it another try.

Google didn’t reveal much about this new tablet. But it does look a lot like an older Galaxy tablet from Samsung. With a white bezel, and the camera is in the right spot for Zoom and Google Meet meetings. It’ll launch with Android 13 on-board, as we can tell from the screenshot above.


Why preview a tablet a year early?

It’s a valid question. Typically companies don’t really preview hardware more than a month or so ahead of the launch. But Google is doing it a full year (if not more) ahead of the Pixel Tablet launch. The team is very excited about this, and given all the work that the Android team has put into tablets (and foldables) in recent months, it’s not that surprising.

It also makes a lot of sense as to why Google is getting serious about tablet apps now. Because they are building their own tablet.

Now this is not the rumored Google Nest display that has a removable and dockable tablet. At least that’s not what it looks like from what Google showed us today. So that could be yet another product from Google later on.


This is just one of a few hardware products that Google previewed today. The others include the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro which will debut this fall. Alongside the much rumored Pixel Watch.