Check Out Google Pixel 6a, Pixel Watch & Pixel Buds Pro Promo Videos

Google Pixel 6a image 1111

Google I/O 2022 kicked off yesterday, and Google held its keynote to open the event, as per usual. During that keynote, the company announced a lot of things. Amongst those were the Pixel 6a handset, and the Pixel Buds Pro earbuds, while Google also teased the Pixel Watch. That being said, the Pixel 6a, Pixel Watch, and Pixel Buds Pro promo videos are now live.

We’ve spotted six promo videos that Google published. We’ll kick things off with the Pixel 6a, the company’s new mid-range handset. Google shared two promo videos for it, ‘Meet the new Google Pixel 6a’ and ‘The Design of Google Pixel 6a’. Both of which are embedded below.

Two Pixel 6a promo videos got published

The first video highlights some of the phone’s features. Such as its Google Tensor SoC, its Magic Eraser camera feature, as well as the Night SIght camera feature for low light photography. You’ll also see the phone from various angles here.


‘The Design of Google Pixel 6a’ video is more focused on the phone’s design, as its name says. You’ll see the device from various angles here, as well as its official case. The Pixel 6a will have access to the same case as the Pixel 6 and 6 Pro.

A rather short Pixel Watch video is also available, but it’s unlisted

A single Pixel Watch promo video is out there, though it’s unlisted, for some reason. You can click here to check it out, if you want, as we can’t embed it due to its ‘Unlisted’ status. This promo video simply shows the design of the watch, and it’s quite short. It doesn’t share the back side of the watch, though.

The Pixel Buds Pro videos highlight its features & design

There are two videos for the Pixel Buds Pro included on ‘Made by Google’ YouTube channel. The first one is called ‘Introducing Pixel Buds Pro’, and it showcases the product and its features.


The Pixel Buds Pro do offer Active Noise Cancelling and Volume EQ. They can also automatically switch between devices. This video will show you these earbuds in all the upcoming color options, four of them.

The second video is called ‘The Design of Pixel Buds Pro’. Needless to say, this video is entirely design-focused. You’ll be able to see the earbuds up-close-and-personal.

The last promo video on the list is ‘The Pixel Portfolio is Here to Help’. In this video you’ll see all the products we’ve mentioned above in a single spot. Various features are highlighted as well.