Google Pay Will Help You Find The Best Credit Card Rewards

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When you’re shopping using our credit cards, it can be hard to pick the card that offers just the right rewards for the purchase. Thankfully, Google Pay is looking to help you out with that process. According to Android Police, Google Pay will tell you which cards offer the best rewards for the purchase at checkout.

Different credit cards offer different rewards for different types of purchases. Keeping up with them can be a pain in the neck, but then again, being a shopaholic has its price. Trying to juggle the different rewards and figuring out which card to use is hard enough, but try doing that in the checkout line!

Thankfully, Google Pay may be able to tell you which rewards go with your card

Google is currently working on a unified digital wallet experience for its users. The Google Pay service has changed names multiple times, and it’s a little hard to keep up with what the company is doing. However, it’s called Google Pay and nothing else (well, for the time being). During Google I/O, the company expressed its plans to basically cram your wallet into your phone. This means being able to carry around a digital ID, driver’s license, passport, and other items on your phone.


Along with its plans, Google also told us that it’s working on having the app tell you which credit cards have which rewards. Right now, when you use Google Pay, you’ll see a carousel of your cards that you can pay with. Each card will show you the picture, and the last four digits of the card number (the account email for Paypal cards).

However, what Google is envisioning is being able to show you “card benefits such as points, cashback, and purchase predictions…”, product lead Rajiv Apana said during Google I/O. This means that when you pull up the card, you’ll be able to see those benefits before you tap your phone.

We’re not sure when this is going to happen, but it’s not outside the realm of possibility. It seems like Google would need to partner with Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discovery to have that information available. For the time being, people are just going to need to keep a mental note of the benefits.