Google Keep Will Soon Get Text Formatting

Google Keep DG AH 2021

Google will finally add text formatting to its Keep app, almost a decade after launch, 9to5Google reports.

Google Keep was released in 2013 as a note-taking app for the company. However, for the first time since its launch, Google decided to bring a text formatting feature to let users bold, italicize, and underline text. The app is available for Android, iOS, and the web.

The changes are visible in Version of Google Keep for Android. As you can see in the screenshot, a toggle is added that contains icons for each style. You’ve probably seen these icons on Docs, Sheets, and Slides before. There are also “Clear formatting” and “Show formatting controls” icons.


google keep text formating 2

Adding bold, italic, and underline formatting allows users to make the key points clear on their notes and have a better perception of what’s written.

Google to add text formatting to its Keep app

Of course, the update is not yet widely available, and at least Version is not on Google Play yet. The update is expected to launch for major platforms in the coming weeks. Also, the update might head to iOS and the web version first so Google can ensure its correct functionality.


In recent months, Google Keep has gone through serious changes and got more practical features. For example, it now allows users to set an image for the notes’ background. Once you open a note, a new color palette button also opens that lets you customize each note.

The Keep app also got a Material You design treatment after being in the queue for a quite long time. The new design makes Google Keep more user-friendly. Besides the Material You design, Google also rolled out home screen widgets last year. The widgets allow creating a new checklist, drawing, voice recording, or picture noting.

If you actively use Google Keep for note-taking and want to add formatting to your notes, keep an eye on the Play Store updates.