Google Clock And Calculator Will Look Much Better On Tablets

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We’ve all been wanting Google to show that it still cares about the tablet market, and it looks like the company is doing so. During Google I/O, the company revealed that it’s optimizing several Google apps to work in the tablet form factor. Thanks to 9To5Google, we now have a look at how the Google Clock and Google Calculator will look for tablets.

Android is a great platform for smartphones but not for tablets. The operating system is functional for tablets, but it’s not nearly as optimized as iPadOS. Apple reworked the iOS software to run on its tablets, and it shows. However, in Android’s camp, Android is just stretched to occupy a larger canvas.

Now that mobile processors are gaining the ability to power full desktop software, it’s time for Android tablets to get the proper software advancements as well. With Android 13 and the Pixel Tablet slated to launch next year, it looks like Android tablets are going to get more love.


The Google Clock and Calculator will look better on tablets

While introducing the Pixel Tablet, Google also shared that it’s going to optimize more than 20 Google apps to run in the tablet form factor. While we’re still waiting to see what they will look like, we got a glimpse of a few. A leak from 9To5Google shows us what the Google Clock and Google Calculator will look like for tablets.

These changes will show a two-column view of these apps, which is the best fit for landscape orientation. Starting off with the clock app, the screenshot we see shows the alarm section. We see the list of alarms on the right side with the option to set a regular wake-up schedule on the left side.

As for the calculator app, Google uses the space a lot better. On the left side of the screen, you see the calculation history. Moving over, you have just a few of the more advanced functions along with an arrow to summon more. The bulk of the space is taken up by the number pad and the basic functions.