Google Assistant Can Now Help You Quickly Change Stolen Passwords

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Google Assistant-powered Password Checkup on Android is finally official. The company has listed the feature in the changelog for the May 2022 Google System updates. It is rolling out with Google Play services v22.18 released on Monday, May 23rd. Password Checkup allows Assistant to help you quickly change passwords that were found to be compromised or stolen during a data breach.

Google originally announced Password Checkup for Chrome for Android in may last year. The company had said that the simplified password-changing experience on Chrome will roll out gradually to users over the next few months. However, it took Google a full year to make the feature officially available. It started rolling out to users widely earlier this month. Now, with Google Play services v22.18, Password Checkup on Android should be available globally.

In Google’s words, “Password Checkup on Android lets users check their saved credentials for security vulnerabilities and provides a list of actions to improve online hygiene”. A feature baked into Chrome, it makes changing stolen passwords easy and simple. Chrome alerts you if you log into a website with a password that was compromised in a data breach. You can then take the help of Google Assistant to automatically change the compromised password with a few taps. You don’t need to manually go to the page from where you can change the password and do it all by yourself.


While the Assistant can handle the entire process, you can take charge anytime. For instance, you can either use the Chrome-suggested password or create your own. But do note that Password Checkup on Android doesn’t support automated password-changing for every website. Google will continue to expand the list over time, though.

May 2022 Google System updates bring more new features

In addition to finally rolling out Password Checkup on Android, the May 2022 Google System updates also bring a few more new features. Most notably, Nearby Share now makes it incredibly convenient to share files between your devices. With Google Play services v22.15 updated earlier this month, sharing files between any two Android devices logged with the same Google account will not require authentication. This change was spotted last month and is now rolling out to users.

Google has also streamlined the process of transferring Google accounts during device setup. It now prompts users to enable location services when required. All of these Android system changes should be available to everyone within a few days.


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