Google Assistant Arrives For The Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

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The time has come Galaxy Watch 4 owners, Google Assistant is finally here for all your voice-guided needs. After announcing earlier this month that the long-awaited feature would arrive this Summer, Samsung is pulling a rabbit out of its hat and releasing it a bit early.

By stating that it would be coming this Summer, it was rightfully assumed that meant it would be launched sometime around late June or after. Summer officially starts on June 20/June 21 after all. Although it’s been a long wait, this will surely make users happy. Since the launch of the Galaxy Watch 4, Bixby has been the only voice assistant you had access to. And while it does have its uses, it doesn’t really compare to Google Assistant.

You can download Google Assistant to the Galaxy Watch 4 through Google Play

Starting on Monday, users will be able to download Google Assistant to the watch through Google Play. Google Play is already available on the Galaxy Watch 4. As is Google Pay for quick contactless payments. So all you should have to do is update the watch and then search for Google Assistant after the update is complete.


The feature was rumored to arrive earlier this year through a different update. But it was then later confirmed that that particular update would not be including Google Assistant for users. And it would instead arrive at a later date around Summertime. Keep in mind that unless you have your watch connected at all times and set to auto update, you may not see Google Assistant available to download right away.

Activation can be set to the home button

Just like with Bixby, activating Google Assistant on the watch can be done with the home button. You’ll need to dive into the settings and configure this by changing the activation off of Bixby. Once done, you can press and hold the home button to bring up the Assistant at any time. Of course, you can also activate it by voice which is kind of the point. At least if you’re going for hands-free convenience.

Best of all, you can use the Assistant on the watch even if it’s not installed on your phone. Though it should be for most Android devices that have Google Play services.