Android Poll Wants To Know What Excites You About Google I/O 2022

Android 13 to logo from dev site DG AH 2022

Google I/O 2022 Developers Conference is slated to start on May 11 and run through May 12, and the company’s Android team wants to know what you’re excited about via a poll.  The poll was spotted on Twitter via the official Android handle and certainly isn’t solely centered around hype though. It also hints at what’s to come at Google I/O 2022.

What’s in the poll for Google I/O 2022 from Android?

The question posed is fairly straightforward. Android asks users to vote for which topic they’re most excited to hear about at the event. There are four options to choose from. Three of those, Security, Messaging, and Cross-Device, pertain to updates. The fourth option is “New Partnerships.”

In terms of the winning topic, as of this writing, that’s Cross-Device Updates, which holds 36.4-percent of the vote. Security and Messaging Updates follow close behind, at 24.6-percent and 28.7-percent, respectively. New Partnerships is, of course, the least voted for, with 10.2-percent of the take.


What’s coming at the event, then?

Now, Google already unveiled a number of the topics it hopes to discuss for the event prior to the tweet. But the new poll does expound on the schedule that’s already been released.

Its schedule includes keynotes covering Firebase, Flutter, Web, AR, Google Play, Chrome OS, Google Home, and Google Pay. But it will also be discussing some more Android-specific topics stemming from the impending launch of Android 13. As well as potential news for gadgets such as a Pixel Watch, the Pixel 6a smartphone, and rumors regarding smart home products.

The poll on Twitter, conversely, seems to indicate some incoming changes to how messaging works on Android. Likely referring back to earlier announcements regarding interoperability between iMessage and Android’s Messages app. Namely, changes to show iPhone reactions as emoji, as well as nudges for unresponded-to messages, message sorting, and Google Photos integration.


That’s in addition to impending security changes, which surface at every I/O event. This time around, potentially with some new controls put at users’ fingertips.

Cross-Device Updates and partnerships are still very much a mystery. Although the latter may point to new hardware releases while the former is likely referring to improvements with regard to Android integrating with other operating systems. For example, with Windows or Chrome OS.