Gmail App Now Has Search Filters For Faster Searching

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Most Android users (and a good portion of iOS users) use the Gmail app to handle their emails. Now, according to a new report from 9To5Google, the app just launched a new feature to make it a bit better. Gmail for Android now has search filters to help people search through their emails faster.

Most people, especially those in certain industries, accrue a stunning number of emails on a daily basis. It can be hard searching through them to find one important email they got just days before. This is why there’s a search feature.

Now, the Gmail search filters will make searching easier

If you’re looking in your labels or folders for something in particular, you will see a new addition to the UI. Opening up a label or folder will show you a selection of filters right under the search bar. The first filter will show the label or folder you’re in. That’s followed several filters: From, To, Attachment, Date, Is unread, and Exclusive calendar updates.


When you interact with these filters, you’ll have the ability to add more filters to help refine your search. From that point, you’ll be taken to the search.

These search filters in Gmail will help you narrow down your search if you need a specific email. If you don’t know the contents in the email, but you have an idea of which folders it could be in, you’ll be able to search them up.

This is still rolling out

By this point, you should definitely see this new feature in the Gmail app. If not, then you’ll need to make sure you’re on the most recent of the app (version 2022.05.01). If you want to check, search up Gmail on the Google Play Store and check if you have the green Update button. If you do, install the update.


If you don’t see the button, you’ll need to wait a bit for the update to make its way to your device. It shouldn’t be too long, as the rollout started last week.