Ghost Recon Breakpoint Saves On Stadia Have Gone Missing

Ghost Recon Breakpoint

If you’re a fan of Ghost Recon Breakpoint and have been playing on Stadia, hopefully you didn’t want to continue playing with your old saves. Because as Android Police reports, the saves seem to have mysteriously disappeared. They’re hiding better than the story’s characters from a band of encroaching Wolves units, as you’ll need to do many times throughout the game.

And if you liked that aspect, great! Because it looks like you get to start the game from the beginning, which means you’ll have a lot more of those moments. That’s assuming Ubisoft and the Stadia team aren’t able to bring back the saves before you log on again.

A corrupted save is one of the many fears of a gamer. Especially when it comes to games you can pour tons of hours into. A corrupted or lost save feels like an incalculable amount of your time has been wasted. And that’s likely what some Stadia players are feeling right now.


Stadia is actively working on a fix for Ghost Recon Breakpoint saves

Multiple reports from Stadia users on the official forums state that they’re experiencing this issue. And after checking our own save, we can confirm it definitely appears to be a widespread issue that’s impacting all players on Stadia. After reaching out to the Stadia team on Twitter, Android Headlines was told that Google is actively working with Ubisoft to fix things.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t currently have a timeframe it can share for the fix completion. Hopefully, players will be able to jump back in sometime before the end of the day or later. But right now, there’s no information on what’s causing the issue or when it will be fixed.

That being said, the problem seems to have appeared as early as two days ago. When the original Stadia Community Forum post was created. A Stadia Community Specialist quickly responded saying the problem was elevated to a high priority.


And that’s really the last time any information was shared. Save for a short response from the Stadia Twitter account today. For now, you might want to think about spending your time in another game.