Galaxy Z Fold 4 To Get New Sensors For Main & Telephoto Cameras

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 AM AH 09

Samsung is gearing up to introduce its fourth-gen foldable smartphones in a few months. The Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Galaxy Z Flip 4 will arrive in the second half of the year with plenty of upgrades over their respective predecessors. One of the areas where we expect to see major changes is in the camera. The new foldables are rumored to feature more powerful rear cameras than the previous-gen models. The Galaxy Z Fold 4, in particular, could come with flagship-grades photography capabilities. Another rumor passed via Twitter is now suggesting something along that line.

According to the latest report, the Galaxy Z Fold 4 will get a new primary shooter after three years. Both Fold 2 and Fold 3 feature the same 12-megapixel camera while the original Fold used a different 12-megapixel sensor. The upcoming model, on the other hand, is said to feature a 50-megapixel primary camera. There isn’t much information available about this camera as of now but it should be one of Samsung’s newest premium 50-megapixel sensors.

The Galaxy Z Fold 4 will also reportedly get a new telephoto camera for zoom shots. All three previous Fold-series phones featured a 12-megapixel telephoto lens with 2X optical zoom capabilities. While this year’s model will also get a 12-megapixel sensor, it’ll offer 3X optical zoom. The 12-megapixel ultrawide lens may remain unchanged from the Fold 2 and Fold 3, though. Not much is known about the front-facing camera.


The Galaxy Z Fold 4 will bring more upgrades

Along with camera upgrades, the Galaxy Z Fold 4 will also get an improved and more scratch-resistant foldable display. Reports suggest the crease along the folding line will be less prominent this time around. It isn’t completely gone, but won’t be visible as much as it did in the past.

Samsung may make more durability improvements too. The Fold 3 and Flip 3 are the world’s first water-resistant foldable smartphones. But they still need much more care and gentle handling than the “conventional” smartphones. The Korean firm aims to make foldables mainstream devices.

The Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Galaxy Z Flip 4 will most probably run on Qualcomm’s newly announced Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 processor. Both models should also debut with Samsung’s Android 12-based One UI 4.5 custom software. You can find everything we know so far about the Galaxy Z Fold 4 in our Preview here. We regularly update the article to add any new information that emerges down the line. So you wouldn’t miss out on anything.