Galaxy Watch 5 Codenames Confirm The "Pro" Model

AH Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic 2 1

Despite some reports suggesting otherwise, Samsung may launch three Galaxy Watch 5 models this year. Dutch publication GalaxyClub has gotten hold of the codenames and model numbers for the upcoming Galaxy smartwatches; they confirm the rumors of a “Pro” model.

According to the new report, Samsung is developing three new smartwatches with codenames “Heart-S,” “Heart-L,” and “Heart-Pro”. They bear the model numbers SM-R90x, SM-R91x, and SM-R92x respectively. Based on this info, the former should be the most compact Galaxy Watch 5 model with a 40/42mm dial.

The SM-R91x, aka Heart-L, should correspond to the “large” model having a dial size of 44/46 mm. Lastly, the Heart-Pro is the third Galaxy Watch 5 model that Samsung is working on. It will reportedly come in a single-size variant.


Unfortunately, we still don’t know the marketing names of these devices. The “Pro” in the codename of the third model doesn’t necessarily mean that it will be called the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro. Because the other two models wouldn’t arrive as the Galaxy Watch 5 S and Galaxy Watch 5 L. Or, would they?

The Galaxy Watch 4 comes in only two models with one of them getting the Classic branding. So, it wouldn’t be confusing if Samsung launches a vanilla Galaxy Watch 5, Galaxy Watch 5 Classic, and Galaxy Watch 5 Pro this year. However, there have been reports recently that the Pro will replace the existing Classic model. Perhaps those reports claimed that the new smartwatches will come in only two models — vanilla and Pro.

But now that we have confirmation about the existence of the third model, it’s all up in the air once again. Maybe, we will get the Galaxy Watch 5, Galaxy Watch 5 Pro, and Galaxy Watch 5 Ultra this year. Time will tell.


The Galaxy Watch 5 series will come with bigger batteries

While the detailed specs of Samsung’s 2022 smartwatches are unknown as of now, there have been enough indications of the new models getting bigger batteries than their respective predecessors. A Safety Korea certification last month suggested that the Pro model could get a monstrous 572mAh battery. Even the smallest Galaxy Watch 5 could pack an almost 12% more battery capacity up from 247mAh to 276mAh.

The Galaxy Watch 5 series is expected to go official in the second half of this year. The new smartwatches could arrive alongside the 2022 Samsung foldables — Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Galaxy Z Flip 4. You can expect to hear more about all these devices in the coming months.