The Galaxy A53 Gets May 2022 Security Patch

Galaxy A53 5G Cover 1

Samsung has a collection of premium smartphones, but it still shows its more budget-friendly devices some love. The new Mid-range Galaxy A53 just got the latest security patch from the company. With it, you can expect the usual bug fixes and stability optimizations.

The Galaxy A53 just got the May 2022 security patch

If you’re a non-American user, you might already know about the security patch. According to Sam Mobile, the update was released earlier this week for non-American users, but now, it’s available in the states.

Every once in a while, a security patch would offer some added features. It’s the company’s way of killing two birds with one stone rather than needing to send a security update and the feature separately. However, this looks like your run-of-the-mill security update. The update will provide fixes for the current security vulnerabilities in the software. Other than that, there will be small changes to the software to make things a bit more stable.


How to check for the update

If you own one of these phones and want to check for the update, it’s an easy process. First, go to your system settings and scroll down to the System update page. From there, tap on the Download and install button. There, you can have your phone search for the update. Once your phone finds the update, it will download and install it. Just make sure your phone’s battery is over 50%.

If your phone doesn’t find the software update, then you might have to wait a bit. It depends on your region and what carrier you’re using.

Curious about this phone?

The Galaxy A53 is one of Samsung’s mid-range Galaxy “A” phones. We recently did a full review of this phone, and we were impressed with some of the phone’s features. It has a gorgeous display, great speakers, solid build quality, and the latest Samsung One UI 4.4 interface. It’s available to buy from Samsung for $449 if you’re interested in picking one up.