New fuboTV Subscribers Won't Get 4K Sports on its Base Plan

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fuboTV has been all about sports, since it launched several years ago. Even though it has very few regional sports networks, it does have a ton of other sports networks, including many you’ve probably never heard of. So this news is pretty significant for fuboTV users.

New subscribers to fuboTV will not get 4K sports on the base plan. They’ll still get sports, it just won’t be in 4K. What’s important to note is that this is only for new subscribers. fuboTV says that “fuboTV subscribers prior to May 2 will continue to receive 4K programming with their existing plans”. And elaborating that “all new subscribers after May 2 can enjoy 4K programming with our Elite plan.”

If you cancel your plan at fuboTV, you will lose access to 4K content. However, if you just pause your account, then you will get 4K content again once you resume your plan. This is why pausing an account is so useful with streaming services.


Why is fuboTV removing 4K from the base plan?

As is always the case for companies – money. fuboTV is changing its business strategy a bit here, and this is likely due to the rising costs of content, and fuboTV is not a huge streaming service like YouTube TV. fuboTV is actually one of the smaller ones out there, so these increasing content costs are being passed down to the customer.

fuboTV also recently killed off its Starter Plan to focus on the Pro and Elite plans instead. Which are likely more lucrative for them. The Pro plan was the better option over the Starter plan anyways, so it made sense to can it.

While 4K sports is nice, it’s something that fuboTV can get rid of without annoying its customers too much. That is because they aren’t taking away content, just lowering the resolution to 720p or 1080p. Keep in mind that there isn’t a ton of content available in 4K right now anyways.


fuboTV’s Pro plan is still very competitive, offering 118 channels, 1,000 hours of DVR and the ability to streaming on ten devices simultaneously all for just $70 per month. Just $5 more than YouTube TV, and the same as Hulu + Live TV.