First 'Amazon Style' Store Opens In Los Angeles

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Amazon Style has inaugurated its first-ever physical store in the Los Angeles, California area at The Americana at Brand mall. The store is going to use the latest technology for selling clothes.

In September, the Wall Street Journal reported about a physical clothing store by Amazon. Amazon Style is a subsidiary of Amazon, specializing in selling men’s and women’s clothing. The brand has now opened its own store in Los Angeles. The report confirmed that the store would employ tech solutions to bring convenience to its customers while shopping in California and Ohio.

In January, Amazon confirmed its plans to open the “first-ever physical apparel store”. The company also said it wants to minimize the hassle of trying on clothing. You can find clothes from brands like Levi’s, Tommy Hilfiger, Champion, and more in the store.


The Amazon Style store is now open for visits, and you can use its phone apps and QR codes to try and buy clothes. However, it doesn’t use Amazon’s Just Walk Out technology, but there are some employees in the store to help you with your purchases.

Amazon Style Store opens in Los Angeles

As per the company’s announcement, the store is equipped with the latest technologies to enhance the store’s shopping experience and eliminate extra steps. Also, each cloth comes with a dedicated QR code, and customers can scan it and add it to their list for trying on fitting rooms. Customers who do not have the patience to try on clothes can send them directly to the final stage of purchase.

The main benefit of this method is that customers don’t need to carry a bunch of clothes. All the process is done through a phone and QR code. Also, another great feature of this store is that customers can select their favorite clothes on Amazon.com and then go to the store to try them.


You can use your Amazon account to pay the bill in the checkout stage. Customers can even return the item if it doesn’t fit. Moreover, each fitting room has a touchscreen monitor that allows customers to ask for more things to try on.

The store is open from 10 AM to 9 PM (PST) Monday through Thursday, 10 AM to 10 PM on Friday and Saturday, and from 10 AM until 9 PM on Sundays.