Emoji Kitchen Gets Some New Summer Combinations

Emoji kitchen paw eyes ah

Spring may be in the air, but Summer is around the corner. It seems that Google is ready for summer because the company is introducing some new combinations to Gboard’s Emoji Kitchen. This will have some fun and summery emoji combinations to place in chat.

If you don’t know what Emoji Kitchen is, then you’ve got much to learn. Gboard is a go-to digital keyboard for Android users because of the set of fun and useful features it brings. One of these features is called Emoji Kitchen. This feature brings Emoji combinations that you can use in chats. It will literally take two emojis and mix them together.

Now, Emoji Kitchen is getting into the Summer spirit

If you loved the combinations that were present before, then you might like these new ones. Google is getting ready for the smoldering summer weather with a handful of new emoji combinations.


The first new emoji is the poop pile, but with a cherry on top. So, this might make people think of a cold chocolate sundae on a hot summer day. However, it’s completely up to you what you want to associate that emoji with.

Next up, there’s a neat Jak-o-lantern, but instead of being carved into a pumpkin, it’s carved into a watermelon. The smile emoji now has paw prints over its eyes. You could use this one to pay homage to your love of animals. Maybe you’ll be playing with your pets outside more this summer.

Last, but not least, we have a combination of the skull emoji and the rock emoji. Instead of getting some stone skull, you get a fossil. It’s a bit odd, but it can be used for a comedic effect.


How to use the new emojis

If you want to use these new emojis, you might want to sign up for the Gboard beta program. Search for Gboard on the Google Play Store and find its page. Under the install button, you should see the option to sign up for the beta program. When you do that, you should get a new update.

Once you install it, you should be able to use the latest combinations. When you install the keyboard, go to your system settings and go to System, Language & Input, then On-screen keyboard. From there, tap on the Gboard icon and go down to Emojis, Stickers & GIFs. There, make sure you enable both emojis and stickers.

In order to use the actual combinations, go to a compatible text field (not all of the apps support this) and type in two emojis. When you do that, you’ll see a row of emoji combinations pop up to place in the text field.