Elon Musk Says Twitter Will "Always Be Free For Casual Users"

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Elon Musk once again went to Twitter to share some interesting information, as he confirmed that the platform will stay free for “casual users”. He did, however, note that commercial/government users may be facing a “slight cost”.

Twitter will always be free for casual users, says Elon Musk

Now, most of you know are well aware that Elon Musk offered a substantial sum of money to buy Twitter. After some hesitation, that offer was accepted. The offer was, in case you missed the memo, $44 billion.

The deal will likely close by the end of the year, but that did create a lot of commotion online. This is a big deal, no matter what way you look at it. Twitter will become a private company following this acquisition.


So, as soon as the deal was announced, various assumptions arose, the same goes for rumors, and so on. He did, however, hint that various good changes are coming to the platform as well.

End-to-end encryption coming to DMs, you’ll also be able to edit tweets

Based on Musk’s tweets, we can expect Twitter DMs to become end-to-end encrypted. That’s always a good thing from a privacy and security standpoint. On top of that, we’ll be able to edit Tweets. A leak actually showed us what that feature may look like.

What worries people is the fact that Elon Musk seemingly plans big changes for the platform. Based on a recent report, he wants Twitter to make more money overall, and that means change is needed.


We still don’t know what exactly will change, of course, we can only guess at this point. The aforementioned report laid out how Twitter can make more money. Some of the ways are to cut the salary of Twitter’s board, and some of those figures are huge. Job cuts could be on the table as well, and Twitter may start monetizing high-profile tweets.

Those are only some of the ways it could happen, check out this article for more information. These are, of course, only guesses, and possible solutions. Twitter didn’t confirm anything yet, nor did Elon Musk.

Only time will take is this takeover a good or a bad thing, of course.