Elon Musk Reportedly Becomes The Temporary CEO Of Twitter

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As per the latest report by CNBC (via The Verge), Elon Musk might join Twitter as temporary CEO after he could complete the buyout. The report claims that Musk has announced this decision to possible funders of the takeover.

A few months ago, Jack Dorsey announced he would step down as Twitter CEO, and Parag Agrawal will take his chair. Agrawal started his role by overhauling Twitter’s security team. However, Agrawal might lose his job after Musk’s takeover.

Musk still hasn’t detailed his plans for the future of the company’s management after he closes the deal. But it’s evident that some people in the company will have to leave their roles, including Twitter’s chief lawyer Vijaya Gadde. The CNBC reporter David Faber even talked about the possibility of returning Jack Dorsey to the company. Musk is reportedly in contact with him.


Faber had previously reported about the Dorsey step down, and he is a well-sourced reporter around the company. So maybe we can take his report for granted.

Musk previously refused to join the company’s board of directors

Elon Musk is currently the CEO of Tesla and SpaceX simultaneously, and it’s unclear if he has enough time to take a new CEO role. However, the funders of the takeover seem to be optimistic about this. Saudi Prince Alwaleed bin Talal, who is a major investor, called Musk “an excellent leader for Twitter.”

Also, Musk’s plans might change spontaneously. A few weeks ago, he refused to join the company’s board, and then he proposed a buyout offer. The richest man on the earth even discussed how he wanted to fund the buyout. Twitter’s shareholders first tried to block the offer, and now they seem to be softer with Musk.


Moreover, a new SEC filing On Thursday revealed that Musk took over $7 billion from friends and investors to buy Twitter. As Musk approaches to close the deal with Twitter, the concerns about his plans for the company’s future are on the rise. Changing Twitter’s content moderation policy seems to be a priority for him. In this regard, even the UK invited Musk to clarify his plans for the company.