Elon Musk Goes On The Defensive Following Sexual Harassment Allegation

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SpaceX paid as much as $250,000 to settle allegations of sexual harassment perpetrated by Elon Musk. That’s according to new reports stemming from documents obtained by Insider and statements made by a “friend” of the alleged victim.

According to the friend, who is not bound by any non-disclosure agreements, the incident took place in 2016. Specifically during a “full body massage” that was being provided by a flight attendant mid-flight at Mr. Musk’s request. The flight attendant is reported to have accused Mr. Musk of exposing himself to her during the massage.

Mr. Musk also allegedly “rubbed” the attendant’s thigh and propositioned her by telling her he would “buy her a horse” if she “did more.”


Following a rejection by the unnamed attendant, SpaceX is reported to have “punished” the attendant by offering fewer work shifts. The settlement came in 2018, following a meeting between the flight attendant, Elon Musk, and a mediator.

As a part of that agreement, the attendant reportedly agreed to abide by non-disclosure and non-disparagement clauses. Specifically, to prevent her from discussing her “severance payment or disclosing any information of any kind about Musk and his businesses.”

Elon Musk has taken the defensive on Twitter over the sexual harassment claims

Now, according to Insider, the technology mogul responded to questions about the allegations by indicating that there is “a lot more” to the story and requesting time to respond. So he has yet to respond via media outlets to the latest allegations to be brought against him. But the executive did take to Twitter to post several comments on the matter. And apparently did so under the belief that a good offense is the best defense. Beginning with a claim that the “wild accusations” are “utterly untrue.”


Mr. Musk didn’t stop with an outright denial either. Instead, the executive posted a follow-up tweet, calling the friend of the flight attendant a “liar” and offering up a “challenge.” Namely, asking for a description of “anything at all” that the flight attendant might have seen — referring specifically to scars and tattoos, as examples — “that isn’t known to the public.”

The executive went on to claim that the attendant wouldn’t “be able to do so because it never happened.”

Finally, Mr. Musk tweeted separately to claim that “attacks” against him should be viewed as purely political.


SpaceX, for its part, is staying silent on the matter for the time being. The vice president of legal for SpaceX, Christopher Cardaci, has stated that he will not “comment on any settlement agreements.”