EA Reportedly Shopped Itself Around To Amazon, Disney And Others

EA Meger

EA has apparently been looking for a merger or a buyout, according to Puck (via engadget), which says that the publisher has held talks with a handful of big-name companies. Among them were some of the most prominent names in big tech – Apple and Amazon. While other companies like Disney were also reportedly approached about potential deals.

Puck says it isn’t sure which companies wanted a merger with EA and which were interested in a buyout. A merger though would have come with some guidelines. EA reportedly wants a merger only if its current CEO, Andrew Wilson, stays Chief Executive of the company afterwards.

Comcast approached EA about a merger

In addition to Amazon, Apple, and Disney, Comcast has also reportedly been in talks with EA. Comcast CEO Brian Roberts is said to have proposed an NBCUniversal merger to Wilson. The deal would allow him to stay Chief Executive while Roberts would hold majority control. But talks reportedly fell through because an agreement couldn’t be reached about the price and company structure.


Puck says EA isn’t giving up on its efforts though. Noting that it continues to seek a partner or an owner. All of this comes at an interesting time as some of the gaming industry’s biggest names consolidate. Sony recently announced its acquisition of Destiny 2 studio Bungie. Microsoft agreed to acquire Activision Blizzard earlier this year. And both companies have purchased numerous other studios over the past 12 months.

Prior to the Microsoft deal, Activision even reportedly shopped itself to EA. Even though EA’s most recent talks didn’t bear fruit, it seems a very real possibility that the publisher could end up as a partner down the road. Disney could have made sense. Considering EA’s rights to the Star Wars games.

But Disney is no doubt more concerned with its streaming service. Wherever EA ends up, if anywhere, it stands to gain a lot. Most notably additional monetary backing. Which could strengthen its future projects and allow for more development. Not to mention a potentially wider reach for its game releases.