EA Is Making A Hero-Collecting RPG Based On The Lord Of The Rings

Lord Of The Rings RPG

EA has announced this morning that it’s creating a hero-collecting RPG based on The Lord Of The Rings. Together with Middle-Earth Enterprises, The Lord Of The Rings: Heroes Of Middle Earth is a collectible role-playing game bound for iOS and Android devices. It will be a free-to-play mobile title, and as you might expect it will require a constant internet connection to play.

EA says the game will have a “social-competitive” experience. So it’s likely that there will be some level of multiplayer involved. The core of the gameplay however will be centered around a single-player experience with a rich narrative. The game will also feature high-fidelity graphics cinematic animations, and stylized art.

The Lord Of The Rings RPG will feature turn-based combat

According to EA its Lord Of The Rings RPG will feature turn-based combat. If you’ve played any number of JRPG titles from the past few decades, you should be familiar with the core combat system. Though EA and Middle-Earth Enterprises will surely add their own twists to make combat unique.


The game will also feature a wide roster of characters for a deep collection system. Pulled from both The Lord Of The Rings and The Hobbit. Which means players can probably expect this to have some sort of gacha system involved for collecting new heroes. That doesn’t mean however that there won’t be plenty of ways to earn heroes without spending money.

If you want an idea of how this game might feel in the general sense, it sounds a lot like Star Wars: Galaxy Of Heroes. Another turn-based hero-collecting RPG for mobile from EA that’s based on the Star Wars franchise.

In terms of narrative, players will be battling through iconic stories known throughout the franchise. Which sounds a lot like the narrative will be based on stories that are already there. As opposed to having a completely original story for this game alone. EA hasn’t shared much else about the game right now beyond these details. So it’s probably a safe bet that development is in its early stages and a release is a long way off.