Disassembled OnePlus 10 Pro Stars In The Company's New Video

OnePlus 10 Pro Instagram promo video

OnePlus published a new video on Instagram, and it includes a disassembled OnePlus 10 Pro. This is not what you think, though, as we’re not looking at a teardown / repair video here.

Disassembled OnePlus 10 Pro appears in the company’s new promo video

This video is rather short (shown below), and it was published by oneplus_de. That is the company’s official channel for its German consumers. This video is in English, though, and its entire focus is on the cameras.


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A disassembled OnePlus 10 Pro does lie on the table, but the person in the video only focuses on its camera sensors, nothing else. The ‘Hasselblad’ partnership is mentioned, while you’ll see all three camera sensors that OnePlus used on the back of this phone.

The video focuses on the phone’s camera sensors

A 48-megapixel main camera sensor is shown first. This is Sony’s IMX789 sensor, and it does support OIS (Optical Image Stabilization). On that same component, you’ll also see an 8-megapixel telephoto lens, which supports 3.3x optical zoom.

The third, and last, sensor that OnePlus showed is the 50-megapixel ultrawide one. That is Samsung’s ISOCELL JN1 camera, and on this phone, it supports a 50-degree FoV (Field of View).


That’s basically everything you’ll see in this video. Also, the person who talks about the sensors is German, but he does speak in English, as mentioned earlier.

The OnePlus 10 Pro launched in China back in January, while it reached global markets not long ago. We’ve already reviewed the device, in case you’d like to check that out.

The OnePlus 10 & 10 Ultra are tipped to launch as well

This time around, OnePlus launched only one flagship smartphone, the vanilla model was not announced. That variant is coming, though, based on rumors. The OnePlus 10 Ultra is also tipped to launch later this year.


OnePlus is actually planning to announce quite a few more smartphones this year, mostly affordable ones, so stay tuned for that.