Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare II Launches Late October

Call Of Duty Modern Warfare II

Activision has officially announced the launch date of Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare II. The follow-up to 2019’s Modern Warfare reboot will land in late October. It’s not too much of a departure from the launch date of past Call Of Duty titles. With Vanguard launching on November 5 of last year, and Black Ops Cold War launching on November 13 of 2020.

Modern Warfare II holds a launch date much closer to Modern Warfare though. As both were in late October. All that said, this year’s release still follows the typical CoD formula of a Fall launch date. So plan accordingly if you’re going to want to dive in right away.

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare II launches on October 28

Whether you’re planning to take time off or not, this year’s Call Of Duty launches a Friday just like last year and the year before it. And that puts it just a few hours ahead of the weekend. To announce the date, Activision released a teaser trailer over on the official Call Of Duty blog.


The teaser trailer (which you can watch below) doesn’t show any actual gameplay or cinematics. Activision seems to be waiting to drop that more exciting content. Instead, this teaser unveils official artwork for each of the game’s main characters that make up Task Force 141.

Soap, Captain Price, Gaz, Ghost, and Colonel Alejandro Vargas. If you played 2019’s Modern Warfare and finished the campaign (here’s your spoiler warning if you haven’t played the game yet), that’s when you get your first glimpse at the team.

A scene just before the ending credits shows Captain Price speaking with Kate Laswell about assembling Task Force 141. The goal of this task force likely being to stop Viktor Zakhaev from recovering Hadir Karim after he was handed over to the Russian government. We can safely assume that this will be part of Modern Warfare II’s main story.


Beyond that, Activision hasn’t shared much information. However, it says the artwork unveiling begins the “ultimate reveal of the Call Of Duty franchise’s future.” Noting that fans should stay tuned for more intel down the road.