Boredom? Here Are The Top 5 Time Killing Apps To Keep You Busy!

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There is very little time for a person to kill in this modern epoch. We are all in a mad rush to make the best out of the 24 hours we get in a day.

However, no matter how busy we are in our daily life, odd times come when we feel bored and need to get entertained. And luckily enough, this is the era of the internet and improved technology, where we always have great sources ready to keep us engaged with leisure.

Social media platforms and going through profiles and newsfeed can be an amusing option. But, even that can make anybody feel weird sometimes, and there is a need for something better and unique.


In this article, we will list a few applications capable of banishing boredom. One more vital factor is that these addictive applications must have something productive in return to offer. These can keep one happily engaged for a few minutes to full hours. We have also kept in mind that these applications are available on both iOS and Android devices so that no one gets barred from the fun.

Dr. Bet Online Casino

This iPhone casino app is for gambling enthusiasts who love to bet on an online casino. This online casino is one of the top-rated iOS casino apps with outstanding welcome bonuses, live games, and various game slots. This application has more than 1750 iPhone casino games with a chance of winning amazing jackpots, making it great for time-killing. One can find games from almost all leading iGaming software on this online iPhone casino, such as Random Logic, NetEnt, NextGen, Evolution Gaming, etc.

This British website was launched in 2020, and after more than two years, this mobile casino iPhone has more than many active players. Security and fair play is also kept intact by the makers of this application. The best part is the daily live events with classic casino games such as Blackjack, Baccarat, and Roulette.


One can also choose to go for sports betting in Dr. Bet. It offers an attractive sports betting arena. Here one can find betting lines across many sports leagues. Apart from iPhones, iPads, and other iOS platforms, this application can also be enjoyed on Android devices. It is supported in various electronic devices such as smartphones, tabs, smart TVs, and desktops. New customers will get 100% welcome bonuses up to £150, along with 50 free spins. The minimum deposit is only £30 to get started.

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Quiz apps are engaging, entertaining, and at the same time, fill one up with vital general knowledge. And this is how QuizUp steals the show. According to research by Verto Analytics, the games which are brain teasers tend to interest players more. And they keep coming back to these now and then. One who is enthusiastic about games consisting of quizzes and knowledge will certainly like spending their time on this app. The game offers an approach precisely like a game show. The most excellent part of it is that it allows players to compete worldwide. There are more than a hundred topics to choose from, which comprise sports, history, geography, science, mathematics, politics, environment, etc.


Flow Free

The list of best apps for killing time is incomplete without mentioning “Flow Free.” This application can get anybody addicted to it in no time. The rules of this game are to be watchful with pipe colors and make the board with them. It is simple at first, but with the growing level, the difficulty rises to make the game more and more enjoyable.

In the beginning, passing through the levels will be pretty straightforward. As we said that one has to be watchful of the colored pipes. If the pipes cross each other or overlap, the pipes and the board will break. As a result, the player will be eliminated from that particular level. The more complex the levels become, the more intriguing it is.

Free flow is gaining rapid popularity among smartphone users because it can quickly get anybody addicted to it.


Toilet Time

Well, the name of this application is weird, and so is the gameplay. But undoubtedly, it is surprisingly addictive to play. It comprises several minigames, all related to toilets and toiletries. It may sound a bit odd, but the reviews and popularity of this app prove that it is undoubtedly very oddly enjoyable. Let’s give an example of one of those minigames. In one of those games, a player must prevent a bathing soap from falling to the ground. Others are to perfectly trim the beard, cover the toilet seat, etc. Humans have a knack for oddly satisfying things!


2048 is quite a popular app for eating up your free time. But the best aspect of this is that it provides exercise to your brain with its mathematics-related games. It is not that one who is not significant in maths can’t play this app. It requires elementary math skills, and the app is rather addictive. The rules of this game are simple. By swiping the colorful tiles, one has to reach up to the number 2048 without getting eliminated.

The application is gaining massive acceptance and appreciation among netizens. While one is killing their free time, they are also putting their brain to the test to test how smart they are. The success behind this application is that it is very addictive and brings back old school-life memories. Many can already relate to this game as this game (of course, in the offline method) was popular in schools.


Final Takeaway

Here are the five best applications to kill free time entertainingly. There are hundreds of applications like these that are good for doing this job of passing the time, but we have chosen five so that the reader does not get confused with way too many options. With the rise of the internet and smartphones globally, time-killing has become more accessible. The world of smartphones, aided by the internet, has many fun things to offer, and spending time has become more entertaining. The 21st century is an era where boredom has lost all its vigor.