Auto-Translated Captions Will Come To YouTube Mobile

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Google I/O is happening, and Google is already showing us some interesting stuff. It started off the event with some of its advancements in AI and deep learning. During the event, Sundar Pichai explained that auto-translated captions are coming in some new languages for YouTube, and YouTube Mobile.

Google’s AI prowess is deeply integrated into YouTube’s software. This isn’t a surprise, so you can expect the video-sharing platform to benefit from the metric ton of data on Google’s servers. YouTube has had auto-generated captions for a while, but it’s a work in progress when it comes to other languages.

Now, auto-translated captions are coming to YouTube mobile

Most people who use YouTube use it on the mobile platform, so it’s important to cater to the mobile users. Because of this, auto-generated captions are coming to YouTube mobile. Most English users won’t understand the speech from creators from other countries.


This is why the company introduced auto-translated captions. Now, that feature is coming to the mobile version of the platform. This will give even more people access to content created by other creators.

They are coming in more languages

The number of languages that could be translated is really important. During the event, Pichai announced that the feature will be coming in 16 languages. This means that the company is expanding the number of videos that you can watch if you don’t speak the proper language. We should see these coming out in the near future.

More coming from Google I/O

Google introduced Look and Talk. With some Nest hub devices, you’ll be able to summon the Google Assistant without having to say the hot word. All you’ll have to do is look at the hub and speak your request. It uses facial recognition technology and voice recognition to make sure that you’re ready to speak.


There are more announcements coming from Google I/O, so we’ll keep you posted on more stuff coming from the event.