This August Smart Lock Looks Like A Regular Lock

August deadbolt with wi wfi

This happens often: you want to upgrade your house with some smart home gadgets, but you don’t like the aesthetic. There are people who prefer the old-style look of their home and not the polished silver and white look of modern smart technology. Thankfully, there’s a solution via the August Smart Deadbolt smart lock.

This is a smart lock that locks your door with a traditional deadbolt. The deadbolt lock is the physical piece of metal that inserts itself right into the hole in the wall, anchoring your door in place. It’s a traditional style of lock that’s now automated with some smart products.

Now, the August Smart Deadbolt is a deadbolt lock that doesn’t look so smart

Smart locks have some benefits over regular locks like the ability to automatically lock themselves and be remotely controlled. However, traditional locks win in the looks department. They don’t require extra motors and electronics to function, so they can be much smaller and blend in better.


Smart locks, despite having different build materials and designs, can look unsightly sometimes. This is why August unveiled its Smart Deadbolt. The August Smart Deadbolt is a smart lock that looks like a regular lock from the outside. This is for people who want to have the benefits of a smart lock while maintaining the traditional aesthetic of their home.

The main unit sits on the inside of the door, and it looks like a standard smart lock. It’s large and blocky, but that can’t be avoided. However, on the outside, it looks like a completely normal lock- that’s because it IS a completely normal lock.

You can use a regular key to lock and unlock the door. This means that, if anything happens to the Wi-Fi (which this lock uses to communicate), you won’t be locked out of your own home. August includes two physical keys that you can use to get into your home.


If you want to purchase this smart lock, it costs $250 on the August site. However, at the time of writing this, there’s a promotion going on. If you go to the site and enter the promo code: SMARTSOLUTION50 before May 31st, 2022, you’ll take $50 off of the original price.

Buy the August Smart Deadbolt - $250