Apex Legends Mobile Will Launch Later In May

Apex Legends Mobile Poster

We’ve seen console/PC games get mobile versions before; it’s the same story with Rocket League Sideswipe. Now, Apex Legends is the next game to launch on mobile devices. According to a tweet from the Apex Mobile Twitter account, this game is going to be launching on Android and iOS devices soon.

What will be different?

When you take a 56GB game and shrink it down to maybe 1GB or 2GB, you can tell that a lot of stuff will be squeezed out. For starters, we can expect the graphics and effects to take a hit, but that shouldn’t be too much of a surprise. What people are mostly worried about is the gameplay experience.

According to Phone Arena, Apex Legends Mobile will exist as its own entity when the launch comes. This means that there won’t be any type of cross-play between mobile users and console/PC users. That’s unfortunate, but the general user shouldn’t be too affected.


Not only will there be no cross-play, but the game will have its own set of features. This means that it will have its own battle pass and its own set of rewards. You won’t be able to transfer your items between the mobile and console/PC versions. This means that if you have items and skins on the full version, you won’t get them on mobile. It’s pretty much the same thing with Rocket League Sideswipe.

Overall, Apex Legends Mobile won’t really be for people who are already on the full platform. It’s mostly to introduce mobile action game players to the game and its characters.

When will Apex Legends Mobile launch?

In the tweet, we’re greeted with the text “Something legendary happens this month”. That means that the game is going to launch later this month. Since the month of May just started, it could launch sometime in the next 28 days, which doesn’t really narrow things down.


What hardware would you need?

It doesn’t matter how good the game is if you can’t play it on your phone. This looks like it’s going to be a heavy game, so don’t be surprised if it slows down less powerful phones. Android users are encouraged to have at least 2GB of RAM, 4GB of storage, and Android 6.0 or later. As for the processor, it should have at least a Snapdragon 430, Kirin 650, MediaTek Helio P20, or an Exynos 7420.

On the iOS side, your phone will need to have at least 2GB of RAM, 4G of storage, iOS 11 or later, and an A9 processor. Basically, you’ll need an iPhone 6 or later. If you’re looking forward to this game, then you should pre-register for it.

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