Android Auto Version 7.6 Rolls Out Widely

Android Auto AH NS 05

Updates to Android Auto don’t get as much fanfare as updates to the Android operating system. Regardless, it’s important that the driving app remains free of bugs and hiccups, as you’re using it while you’re on the road. Android Auto version 7.6 just received a wide rollout, so you should be able to get it.

Android Auto 7.6 is a minor update

Updates sometimes have fun and exciting additions, but this just isn’t one of those. This is a jump from version 7.5 to 7.6, so nothing’s really changed. However, it’s recommended that you get this update, as it’s most likely one that fixes bugs in the software. Though Google hasn’t stated this, this update could possibly also fix new security vulnerabilities, and that’s always important.

While this isn’t a big update, we can’t rule out any hints hidden within the code for future versions of the software. What often happens is that companies hide the code for future features in the software. While there aren’t any user-facing changes, for all we know, there could be code in the app that points to a future feature. Since the app is getting close to version 8.0, Google could be making preparations for that update. That’s only speculation, however.

In Other Google News: Google’s Noto Emoji Font Brings Back The Blobs

A while back, Google’s own set of emojis included a set of amorphous blobs with faces. The company, unfortunately, took them away and replaced them with typical circular faces. Now, the company just released the new Noto Emoji font, and that font gives all of the characters a simple and monochromatic look. This set of emojis shows the abbreviation for countries’ flags rather than the colors.


Along with the look, the font brings back the blobs that people enjoyed. The only downside is that they aren’t the colorful ones that people used before. While that’s true, it’s still nice having them back. You can download the font to use or embed into your website.