Android Auto Is Getting Split Screen For Those New Wacky EV Displays

android auto new design portrait screen

Android Auto is actually getting a somewhat significant update today at Google I/O, though the update isn’t out just yet. But Split Screen is coming to Android Auto. This is basically coming to better take advantage of those new and larger screens we are seeing (mostly) in new EVs. You probably are thinking of the Ford Mustang Mach-E or the F-150 Lightning first. Since they have those large portrait displays in the center. Where Android Auto only takes up about half of the screen.

This new split screen feature will work on tall portrait displays and long landscape displays. Giving you more space to see notifications, for media controls and so forth. This is actually going to look really nice on that Mustang Mach-E display.

Google says that the main area of the display will be split into three sections, with two tiles dedicated to displaying navigation and media controls. Which are features that Google believes drivers prioritize while driving – and they’d be correct. The other side will have the app you currently have open, most likely Google Maps or even Waze.


The third section will depend on what’s going on in the car. For example, it’ll start out as a clock when you start a new trip. But if you have messages come in, they will appear there. Which also have buttons for reading the message and replying to the message as well, with different quick replies.

When will this update roll out?

Google says that this new update for Android Auto should start to roll out this summer. There’s no specific date or really time frame either, for this update. So it could come next month, or in early September, who knows.

It’s a somewhat big update for Android Auto, the biggest one we’ve seen in a few years. So it might take longer than expected to work out the kinks.