You Can Get The Android QPR3 Beta 2 If You Own A Pixel

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While Google is focusing on developing Android 13, the company is still delivering new features to Android 12. People are still settling in with the features brought by the first Android 12 QPR3 update beta. According to Droid-Life, Google is gearing up for the next step with the QPR3 beta 2. This is the version of Android that’s going to get the phone ready for the June feature drop.

You can get the Android QPR3 beta 2 if you have an eligible Pixel

The fact that the Pixel 6 phones were getting updates later than the other Pixels is really ironic. However, this time around, Google’s latest phones are no longer the latest to get updates. If you have a Pixel phone starting from the Pixel 4, you’re eligible to get the Android 12 QPR3 beta 2 starting now.

There are different ways of getting the update onto your phone. The first method is the safest and most straightforward method: just wait for the OTA.


Go to your Settings and scroll down to the System section. There, you’ll see the System Update section about halfway down. Tapping on it will bring up the update center. Tap on the button on the bottom to search for the update. If the update is available for your phone, you’ll be able to download and install it. However, if your phone doesn’t have the update, you’ll have to wait a bit longer.

The other way is only recommended if you’re tech-savvy. This will involve you manually flashing the update onto your phone. It’s a lot more work and, if done incorrectly, it can actually brick your phone. Download the factory image from here, and you’ll want to look up how to safely flash the file onto your phone. Just know that you’ll need a computer to do this process.

So, what does this update have in tow?

Finding out what comes in a Google update involves digging into the software. Google didn’t exactly tell us what’s new with the update. What it did mention was the latest security patch with bug fixes and optimizations.