Wi-Fi Bug Causes Galaxy A51 Phones To Reboot

galaxy a51 one ui 2 5 update

It’s always frustrating when your phone randomly reboots while you’re using it. Well, folks in the Netherlands are experiencing this for what seems like the silliest reason. Galaxy A51 users in the country who use a certain Wi-Fi connection are experiencing a

that makes their phone reboot.

A supermarket chain named Alber Heijn has its own Wi-Fi network in the country. For some reason, Galaxy A51 users who connect their phones to the network will have their phones reboot suddenly. The users sounded off in the Samsung community forum with one user reporting that their phone freezes before rebooting.


This Galaxy A51 Wi-Fi bug is yet to be squashed

Galaxy A51 users are still waiting for a fix for this Wi-Fi bug. We’re not sure if Samsung or the supermarket chain is aware of this issue just yet. Since customers are reporting this on the Samsung forum, hopefully, the company will look into it eventually.

Right now, the reports only seem to be coming from Dutch users with the Galaxy A51, and that’s significant for a few reasons. There must be something special with the Alber Heijn Wi-Fi connection that’s causing this issue. This means that the bug could lie with the network.

We also can’t forget about the hardware. The Galaxy A51 units in The Netherlands use Samsung’s own Exynos 9610 and Exynos 9611. We don’t know which chip is specifically affected by the bug.


In other Galaxy A News: The Galaxy A13 LTE Is Launching In The United States

While the Galaxy A51 is experiencing a Wi-Fi bug, a less premium cousin of that phone is getting a debut. The Galaxy A12 was Samsung’s best-selling phone of 2021, and it looks like the company wants to continue the trend. It launched the Galaxy A13 5G late last year. This is a budget phone with a 720p+ display, a 50MP camera, and of course 5G capabilities.

Now, an LTE variant of his phone is coming exclusively to The States. There will be some differences, however. The display was bumped up to 1080p+ resolution but bumped down to 60Hz. The camera gained an extra 2MP depth sensor making for a quad-camera setup.

If you’re looking for a dirt-cheap Samsung phone with a decent display and a pixel-dense camera, you might want to consider the Galaxy A13 LTE. You can buy it for only $189 today.