You Can Now Get Unlimited Google Photos Storage With T-Mobile

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Are you running out of space on Google Photos? Well, don’t fret; not too long ago, news broke that T-Mobile collaborated with Google to give users unlimited Google Photos storage. Now, that plan is finally live, and you can pack on as many photos and videos as you want.

You can have unlimited Google Photos storage via T-Mobile

Mobile carriers are used to partnering with other companies to give their users perks to keep them around. Notably, they offer free subscriptions to streaming services like Disney+, Discovery+, and Apple Music. Well, for this perk, T-Mobile is targeting the shutterbugs. T-Mobile is now giving people unlimited Google Photos storage to its customers as an add-on for their plans.

The perks don’t stop at the Google Photos storage; there are some other Google One storage tiers that are exclusive to T-Mobile customers. For starters, you can get 500GB of Google Drive storage for just $5.00/month. If you want to bump that to 2TB, you can get it for only $10.00/month. Lastly, you can get 2TB along with the unlimited Photos storage for $15.00/month. Just note that this is on top of your regular T-Mobile bill.


How do you access these add-ons?

So, you’re interested in these perks and you want to sign up. Well, doing so is quick and easy. Firstly, you should have the T-Mobile app on your device. If you do, open it and tap the Plan & Account button on the home screen. From there, tap on the Manage or view your add-ons button. From there, scroll down a bit and find the plan you want to use. Tap on the check box next to it and scroll down and tap on the Accept & Submit button.

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In Other T-Mobile News: T-Mobile Customers Are Prey To Phishing Attacks

Right now, there is a large-scale phishing attack happening on T-Mobile customers. The attackers are sending fake “Thank you for your purchase” SMS messages to T-Mobile customers. The messages will have a link, and that link will take them to malicious sites.


If you’re getting messages like that, then you should NOT tap on the link. If you’ve just paid your bill or bought something from the company, don’t open any confirmation messages. Go to the official T-Mobile app or the website for the official confirmation.