Ubisoft Unveils Rainbow Six Mobile For Android & iOS Devices

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Ubisoft today has revealed Rainbow Six Mobile, an announcement that the company hopes will excite fans of the game it’s based on – Rainbow Six Siege. In many ways this is a game that is similar to its PC and console counterpart. It’s also built from the ground up for smartphones and tablets. With Ubisoft adding some unique features that will differentiate it in enough ways to keep things interesting.

Ubisoft plans to release the game later this year. Provided everything with development stays on target. Rainbow Six Mobile is being developed by Ubisoft Montreal, the same team behind Rainbow Six Siege. So players can expect to get the same or similar levels of experience.

As a tactical online shooter, teamwork and map awareness are key components for victory. Matches will be comprised of 5 players on each team. And each team will be taking turns attacking and defending. Just like in Siege. The mobile adaption will even have many of the most familiar operators.


The Rainbow Six Mobile announcement comes with a chance to play early

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With Rainbow Six Mobile in active development, it goes without saying that there will be player tests at some point. Especially considering the release is planned for later this year. Although Ubisoft hasn’t revealed when testing would start, it has already opened up the ability to register.

By doing so, you’re agreeing to receive news about the upcoming title. But registering also opts you into a chance to play the game early during these tests. If you’re interested in being a part of the tests, you can do so by visiting the game’s official page.


The game has been tweaked to make the matches shorter

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Players can expect this to feel like Siege in just about every way. With familiar maps, operators, weapons, and skills. Ubisoft does state though that the game has been adjusted so that matches are shorter and more appropriate for a mobile device. Beyond that, don’t expect too many changes. Players will still need to keep their wits about them.

As walls, ceilings, floors and more are completely destructible. Just like in Siege. Meaning you’ll need to be wary of unofficial entry points from the enemy team.