Twitter Will Let You Seek Help Against Harassment From Third-Party Apps

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Like most other social media platforms, Twitter offers numerous safety features and tools to keep your online identity secure. These features also help protect you from online harassment. But if you don’t find the built-in tools useful enough in some situations, the company is now letting users take to third-party moderation apps that provide advanced levels of safety and protection within the platform.

First reported by TechCrunch, Twitter now recommends multiple third-party apps to users who block or mute someone on the platform using the built-in tools. Block Party is one of the apps that is available to Twitter users as an additional safety tool. This app lets you filter out unwanted mentions that may be trying to harass you. It can automatically block such accounts. Block Party also provides you with a list of accounts that supported the “problematic” tweets by liking and retweeting them. You can block all such accounts at once. Should you want more help, you can invite trusted people to mute and block those accounts for you.

Bodyguard is another third-party moderation app available on Twitter. It provides you with “an immediate, free, real-time, customizable and high-quality protection” against toxic tweets and mentions on the platform. Lastly, we have an app called Moderate that uses AI to block unwanted mentions and improve your social media experience.


Twitter makes it easier to reach third-party moderation apps

Online harassment is a massive problem plaguing social media platforms and other digital spaces. Companies have been putting in efforts to prevent such harassment but it’s not an easy task. The latest move by Twitter will make it easier to reach out to third-party moderation apps for help though. Currently available in beta to a small group of users, this change should roll out to users globally in the coming months.

The moderation apps are part of a bigger plan from Twitter that aims to better integrate its service with third-party apps. As part of the Twitter Toolbox announced in February, which is a suite of tools that help improve your experience on the platform, the company may offer quick access to “scheduling apps Chirr App and Buffer, the Thread Reader app, and measurement tools ilo, Blackmagic.so, Direcon Inc., Followerwonk and Tweepsmap” in the future, TechCrunch reports. It appears the company is trying to improve its somewhat tumultuous relationship with third-party developers. We will keep you posted on this development.

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