Twitter Wants To Hold People Accountable For Edited Tweets

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Avid tweeters and clumsy typers are rejoicing after the news that Twitter is working on an Edit Tweet button. While people will be able to change the contents of their tweets, Twitter wants people to be held accountable for what they originally tweeted. Because of this, the company is added in an edit history function to the tweets.

One dilemma Twitter dealt with was with people being able to alter the stuff they say online. Sure, it’s nice that you can fix common spelling and grammatical errors, but that’s not the issue. The issue is when people post statements that are offensive or just plain wrong. They’ll have the ability to edit the statement if they come under fire.

But Twitter is going to give tweets an edit history function

Twitter is going to counteract this with a simple solution. We just got a tweet thread from Alessandro Paluzzi, and it shows an edit history function that Twitter’s working on. In the tweet, there’s a screenshot of Twitter for desktops. On the left side of the screen, we see the side panel for Twitter and, on the right side, we see a plane with the text “Edit History”.


Another screenshot shows a better view of the function. When you go to an individual tweet, there will be a button right under it that will show you the edit history. That button is right next to the time and date. When you click it, you’ll be able to see what the tweet looked like before it was edited.

This way, if someone says something out of place, there’s a publicly available record that everyone can see. This is similar to what other platforms like Slack and YouTube do. They’ll let you know if a message was edited and show you how it looked pre-edit.

Don’t plan on editing old tweets

There’s another bit of information from this tweet thread. According to another tweet in the thread, you’ll only be able to edit tweets up to an hour after posting. This means that people won’t be able to go and edit their old tweets. This might frustrate some people, as other platforms like Instagram lets you edit tweets whenever.


Right now, we don’t know just when Twitter will roll out the Edit Tweet button, but it will land on Twitter Blue first. This is the paid subscription that gives users certain features and perks.