Top Five Cell Phone Tracker Apps For Android And iOS Devices In 2022

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Parents can use a cell phone tracker to monitor their kid’s smartphones. Mobile phone tracking technology enables users to locate and track moving devices’ positions. For instance, you can use a mobile phone’s signal to find it whenever it communicates with a nearby antenna tower. By studying the signal strength, the tracker can determine the specific location of the mobile device.

Most phone tracker apps use the strengths of the signals from the antenna towers to determine the device’s location. Essentially, signal strengths change as the mobile phone moves. Upon identifying the antenna tower whose power appears to be the strongest, the tracker can ascertain the cell phone’s location.

A stronger signal shows that the device is near the antenna tower, while a weaker signal indicates that the phone is away from the antenna. Modern technology makes tracking new cell phone models easier even without engaging the device in a call. This article explains everything you want to know about the phone’s location tracking.


How to Track a Cell Phone Location Without Them Knowing

A reliable cell phone tracking app enables you to track a person and the activities they engage in with the device without their knowledge. That means you can follow the target’s whereabouts without their realization. Once you discreetly download the phone tracker app and install it on their device, you can monitor their location and activities.

Essentially, a tracking app monitors all actions the target performs with their device, including text messages, conversations, browsing history, geo position, social networking sites, Messenger, Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, and others, in a stealth mode. For instance, a parent can use a tracker app to monitor such activities on their kid’s cell phone.

Most phone tracking apps are easy to install on the target’s cell phone without their knowledge. Follow these steps to install the app.

  • Select your subscription plan on the phone tracker app provider’s website and enter your payment details.
  • You will receive a welcome email with login details and further instructions.
  • Use the information to log into the app and access the control panel.
  • Get the target’s cell phone.
  • Download the phone location tracking app and install it on your target’s cell phone.
  • Activate the stealth mode to keep the application invisible.
  • Start monitoring and tracking the target without them knowing.

A good phone tracking application works on iOS devices and Android phones. Thus, you can remotely track your kids, wife, or husband using the app.

Why or Why Not Should You Use a Cell Phone Tracker App?

Modern cell phones come with GPS receivers. That means people with the right resources can use GPS tracking technology to track a GPS phone. GPS location reveals the real-time position of a mobile device.

But, some people associate such phone tracking technologies with negativity. Such people have the following explanations for not using cell phone tracking apps.

  • Stalking. Some people argue that criminals can use this technology to locate and stalk their targets quickly. A primary concern for some parents is that malicious people can access the tracking apps and use them to stalk innocent people. Thus, the apps can put the target, their family, and friends at risk.
  • Mistrust. Employers can go overboard with these applications to track their employees. And this could make them feel overwhelmed and mistrusted. Using a cell phone tracker can make an employee feel like the employer constantly hovers over them. And the same mistrust and suspicion can develop between kids and their parents.
  • Privacy. Some companies can use phone location trackers to gather information about unsuspecting people. For instance, a mobile phone carrier can use the app to gather real-time information and sell it to data brokers. Eventually, the information can get into the wrong hands.

Such concerns are the reasons some people avoid using cell phone tracker apps. However, some individuals believe that these applications have their positive side. Here’s why they agree to the use of cell phone tracking technology.

  • Emergency services. A GPS tracker can help emergency service providers track you and provide you with the necessary assistance. Working with your phone service provider, they can determine your cell phone’s location relative to the nearest tower, helping fire department professionals or the police to find you even if you can’t speak.
  • Child safety. Phone tracking apps enable parents to know their children’s whereabouts. Some phones come with embedded software for periodically sending data about their current location to the central server through a cellular network. When a parent logs into the service, they can view the current location of the child and their previous location without installing software. Thus, they can tell whether the kid is being dishonest about their activities or they are in dangerous places.
  • Friend Tracking. A mobile phone with tracking features can improve social life. For instance, the Find My Friends application for iPhones displays the friend’s location on a map, allowing you to trace them even in crowded places.
  • Business management. Businesses can use cell phone tracking technology to know when employees drive past the recommended speed limit or spend time out of their workstations.
  • Tracking spouses. You can also use this technology as a family locator. For instance, if you suspect that your spouse is cheating, you can quickly install a phone monitoring app to know their whereabouts. Thus, you can use the app to know when your spouse is cheating.

Overall, phone trackers have their pros and cons. Therefore, whether to use them depends on your intentions and justifications for your reasons.

Top-Rated Free/Paid Phone Tracker Apps

Some phone tracking and monitoring apps are free, while others charge a fee. Also, understand how the features of the app work to use it optimally.


1. uMobix – Best Phone Tracker App Without Permission

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uMobix is perhaps, the best cell phone tracker app without permission. You can use this app with an iOS or Android phone. With this application, you can track the target phone activities, including browser history, social media, location, messengers, etc.

Also, you can record the target phone activity with screenshots. It comes with a live parental control panel and the ability to monitor text messages and record calls. You can also access the target phone photo gallery with this application.


2. SpyBubblePro – Best Tracking App to Catch a Cheating Spouse

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Do you suspect that your spouse is cheating? If so, this is the best app to catch a cheating spouse. This application is easy to install and allows real-time tracking reporting through screenshots. You can access data and files that your spouse deletes because it captures and saves them to your account.

Also, you can use the SpyBubble app on Android and iOS devices. The app allows you to access your account from any device and browser.


3. GEOfinder – Most Powerful Smartphone Tracking App For Free

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GEOfinder is the most powerful smartphone tracking app for free. This cell phone number tracker can pinpoint the location of a phone number on Google Maps. You enter the phone number you want to track and send an SMS to the target phone. If the person clicks on the link in the text message, the application will show you their real-time location.

Also, you can make unlimited geolocation requests when using this application. Perhaps, what makes this app stand out is that you don’t have to install it. You can use the online version to spy on the target phone location and activity.


4. Cocospy – Best Phone Tracker App For Parental Controls

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Cocospy is the best phone tracker app for parental control. The demo version of this application can be viewed on the site, allowing you to gauge its features and usability. This spy app conveys information via a secure channel and on a comprehensive online visual dashboard.

This app allows you to spy on the target phone activity on Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter, and other social media platforms. Also, you can track outgoing and incoming calls attached to timestamps. It also monitors received and sent messages even after the target phone owner deletes them. You can use a SIM card and GPS phone technology to track the device’s location.

5. Hoverwatch – Android Tracker App

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Hoverwatch is a free phone tracker for Android. With this application, you can track a mobile phone without the owner’s realization. Also, you can install this free mobile phone tracker secretly from the online account that you used to register the device. After that, you can monitor the device user’s information. Additionally, you can watch the websites the target visits using the phone.


How can I find someone’s location using their cell phone number?

You can find someone’s location using their cell phone number in two ways. One, you can use a phone spy application. The internet has several applications you can use to locate a person’s location by sending a text message to their device with a link. The application will reveal their real-time location on a map upon clicking on the link.

Second, you can find someone’s location on Google Maps if they have registered their cell phone number on Google. Open Google Maps on your tablet or Android phone and sign in to your account. Search the phone number, and Google Maps will reveal their location.

How can I secretly locate a cell phone location?

You can secretly locate a cell phone location using a mobile phone tracker app that works stealthily. Some applications allow users to remotely install them on the target’s device and run them in stealth mode. Thus, the target won’t know you’re locating their phone’s location at any time.

How to stop someone from tracking or spying on my cell phone?

If you suspect that someone is monitoring or spying on your cell phone, do the following to stop it.

  • Install or update your security applications.
  • Use a robust and secure password
  • Use anti-malware
  • Use encryption tool
  • Deactivate the location sharing feature in Google Maps

What is the way to track a non-GPS, non-Android phone?

You can track a non-GPS or non-Android phone using a free service like Google Latitude. However, you can’t trace a lost phone if it doesn’t have an app or program to help you track it.