Looks Like TikTok Borrowed Features From Snap & Facebook

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Social media and video-sharing platforms often share features to reach more people (by share, I mean blatantly copy). This is the case with TikTok. The popular video-sharing platform is looking to reach a broader audience by way of new and exciting tools. According to TechCrunch, TikTok is taking a page from Facebook’s and Snap’s book and introducing AR tools.

This is a bit surprising to hear, as it’s usually the other way around. TikTok unveils some new feature that appeals to the core audience, and other companies bring their own takes. Things like the vertical-scrolling feed itself prompted YouTube Shorts, Snapchat Spotlight, Instagram Reels, Byte, Spotify’s Podcast discovery feed, and more. Other companies also copied features like live captions and responding to comments with posts.

But now, TikTok is the copycat, taking AR tools from Facebook and Snap

AR tools on social media aren’t a new thing. Snapchat has a massive library of AR-powered lenses. They give you anything from cat ears to vampire teeth. While TikTok has a host of features already, it’s now looking to dip its toe into augmented reality.


TikTok developed a platform called Effect House. This is a platform that will allow people to develop their own AR-powered effects for TikTok. This isn’t for just anyone, as the Effect House is in the private beta stage at the moment. If you want to eventually develop your own AR effects for TikTok, you’ll need to apply. Since this is pretty closed off, there’s no guarantee that you’ll get into the beta.

How to apply for the beta

First off (at the moment, at least), you can only join if you use a macOS computer running version 10.14+. There are minimal hardware requirements, as well. You’ll need at least an Intel Core i3 clocked at 2.5Ghz. If you use AMD chips, you’ll need an AMD FX 4300 clocked at 2.6Ghz. For Apple Silicon users, you’ll need an Apple M1 with 4GB of RAM.

When it comes to the graphics, you’ll need an Intel HD Graphics 4000, an Nvidia GeForce 710, or an AMD Radeon HD 6450. Lastly, you’ll need a screen with 1280×768 or higher screen resolution and the latest graphics card drivers installed.


When you start the signup process, you’ll put in your TikTok login information and answer some questions. You’ll answer questions like your experience with developing for augmented reality, what computer operating system you use, and so on.

If you want to develop your own AR tools for TikTok, then you can click here and see if you can join the beta.