You May Want To Upgrade Before T-Mobile Puts You On A "New" JUMP Plan

T Mobile SIM carrier DG AH 2020

T-Mobile has officially announced that users on its JUMP plan will be pushed to a new version of the plan before the end of the year. That’s based on recent reports, detailing the new plan, following an official announcement. But users who are already on a JUMP plan may want to upgrade early. Since it’s going to bring significant changes to how the plan works.

What’s new about the new T-Mobile JUMP Plan?

Now, for clarity, T-Mobile’s original JUMP is all about upgrades. It lets users upgrade their devices as often as two times a year. That way, if a newer device came out, users could simply move over to that device on the spot.

T-Mobile actually introduced a new JUMP plan in 2016 for new subscribers. That plan only allows users to “jump” to a new device more frequently under certain conditions. Those are if it’s been at least half paid off and they’re enrolled in the proper Protection plan. But users of the older JUMP plan were able to bypass the new restriction because they were effectively grandfathered into their plan.


Now, the carrier is effectively moving all users on a JUMP plan to the newer iteration. That means that even users who were grandfathered into the old program no longer will be. So they won’t get the same benefits they did before. That is unless they’ve paid off at least half of their current phone’s cost. And are enrolled in the proper Protection plan.

When will this happen?

Of course, the primary benefit of the newest JUMP plan is that users aren’t limited. Just as long as the above-mentioned conditions are met, users can switch more than twice a year. Although that undoubtedly won’t sit well with every subscriber on T-Mobile’s network.

Users will have until October 6 of this year to use any remaining upgrades from their current JUMP plan before they’ll be moved to the new system.