T-Mobile Customers Can Unlimited Google Photos Storage

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Mobile carriers partner with all sorts of companies in order to provide extra goodies to their customers. T-Mobile entered a close partnership with Google last year to provide Google services to T-Mobile customers. Along with the perks that customers had before, the companies are adding on another one. According to 9To5Google, T-Mobile customers will be able to have unlimited Google Photos storage.

Now, this partnership provides a handful of other Google-branded goodies to customers. T-Mobile phones will ship with Google Messages as the default messaging application. Speaking of messaging, the partnership also brought RCS business messaging to Android phones sold through T-Mobile. T-Mobile customers get a $10 discount for YouTube TV and Google One is the default backup method for T-Mobile phones. It’s been a year, so it’s possible that things may have changed.

Now, T-Mobile is offering unlimited Google Photos storage

If you’re an Android user with a T-Mobile phone, this might be great news for you. The companies just unveiled some new Google One storage options including Google Photos. There are three price plans for T-Mobile customers. The first one gives them 500GB for $5/month. That tier isn’t available to regular Google One customers actually. Next, there’s a 2TB option for $10/month, but the real show stopper is the next tier up.


This one will cost you $15/month, and you’ll get the same 2TB of storage, but the company will throw in unlimited Google Photos storage. This means that you can store videos and pictures in the cloud with their original resolution.

There is a limitation to this, however

This is best for plans with only one line. If you have a plan with multiple lines, you can still have the unlimited Google Photos storage, but it will only be available for the primary user. So, only the phone belonging to the account owner can upload unlimited pictures and videos. The other people on the plan can still use the 2TB of cloud storage.

Not a T-Mobile customer? Well, you can still use Google One’s vanilla tiers

So, you don’t use T-Mobile, but you want a reliable cloud storage option. Well, you can get a lot of cloud storage with Google One plans. When you start a Google account, you get 15GB of storage for free. That’s good to start off with, but if you require more storage, there are some price options.


You get 100GB of storage for just $1.99/month ($19.99/year). You can double that to 200GB for $2.99/month ($29.99/year).

Mere gigabytes aren’t enough for you? Well you can get 2TB ($9.99/month $99.99/year), 5TB ($24.99/month $249.99/year), 10TB ($49.99/month), 20TB ($99.99/month), and 30TB ($149.99/month). These are all for businesses or people who just store a LOT of stuff.