Spotify Will Promote User-Made Playlists On The Home Page

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So, you just crafted the perfect playlist of songs from Mariah Carey, Rick Astley, and The Beatles, and you want to share it with the world. Spotify gives you the ability to make your playlists public. Now, the company is going to make it easier to share your latest creation. Spotify is testing a feature that will promote user-made playlists on the home page.

A Spotify blog post reported this news. Right now, the company is holding a limited test with a limited selection of users. There’s no telling just how widespread this test is or just who gets to test out this feature. The company only said playlists from popular users on the platform.

How will Spotify promote your user-made playlists?

As part of Spotify’s Features Curators Pilot program, the company will select popular playlists from popular users and shout them out. You’ll see those playlists on the home page of the Spotify app. The playlists will sit in their own carousel on the screen, so you’ll be able to see and scroll through them.


Chances are that you won’t be able to see the new playlists just yet, but there’s no harm in looking. Search for Spotify in the Google Play Store (or hold your finger on the Spotify app, tap “App info”, scroll to the bottom, and press “App Details”). If you see the green update button, tap it and wait for the update to install. After that, open the app and see if you see the playlists. If not, then you’ll have to wait.

In Other Spotify News: Spotify Is Making A Podcast Discovery Feed

Spotify has become a popular podcasting platform. There are several shows on the platform right now, and the company wants you to discover all of them. It’s working on a new podcast discovery feed. What this feed will do is show you a random assortment of different podcasts for you to listen to.

When you open the feed, you’ll be shown the podcasts presented as cards. Each card will take up the full screen and play a sample of the episode. The company is testing out the feature now.