Spotify Is Testing Its TikTok-Style Music Discovery Feed

Spotify Music Discovery Feed

Companies are trying to turn everything into a vertically scrolling feed. Spotify is the next company to continue this trend with its new music discovery feed. This will let people listen to short clips of music with a vertically scrolling feed of cards.

Much like how Tindr popularized swiping left and right for dating apps, TikTok popularized swiping up and down for video and social media apps. Thus, companies like YouTube, Instagram, and Snapchat created their own vertical-feed video platforms. Even Reddit is planning on taking inspiration from TikTok, but those details are still scarce.

Now, Spotify wants a piece of that pie with its new music discovery feed. The company has been testing the feature out for some time now in a handful of countries. Sadly, folks in the States won’t be able to test the feature just yet. Right now, it’s being tested in Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, Canada, and in the UK. There’s no word on when the test will extend to the States but hopefully soon.


How does the music discovery feed help you find new Spotify tunes?

According to the report, the music discovery feed will be available on your Spotify home screen. When you access it, you’ll see a feed of looping clips of music. When you listen to a loop, you will have the ability to follow the creator, share the song, or add it to a playlist.

After you’re done with it, you can scroll up to access the next loop; then, the cycle continues. While that’s just like the TikTok experience, you won’t be able to scroll for hours on end. Spotify, for the time being, will only put 15 songs up every day. That seems like a decent amount for people to just check on the daily.

With TikTok, scrolling through the video feed is the entire experience, so you’d spend more time on the feed. However, with Spotify, the feed is something that you scroll through on your way to your dedicated music library.