Spotify Greenrooms Are On The Main App, Named Spotify Live

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Spotify, Twitter, Amazon, and Facebook all have two things in common: they’re all big companies and they all crafted their own Clubhouse clones. Spotify’s version was called Greenrooms, but now the company has other plans. Spotify is renaming Greenrooms to “Spotify Live”, and it’s moving it over to the main app.

Up until this point, Spotify has been testing out its chat rooms on a dedicated app. This app remained as an open-access test. However, the company was testing it out amid rumors that it was planning to migrate the service over to the main app. Those rumors were just confirmed today thanks to Engadget.

You can access live Spotify conversations via the main app

Now, you can access Spotify Live shows right in the main app from now on. For the time being, there doesn’t seem to be a dedicated section to house the shows, however. There’s actually a reason for this.

If a creator is hosting a live show, it’ll show you that they’re live when you go to their page. Right under the show’s title, you’ll see a green box showing you that there’s a live going on. Tapping on the box will let you tune into the stream, but you won’t be able to join in the conversation.


If you want to join, you’ll need to use the dedicated app

If you thought that Spotify was axing the standalone app, then you’d be mistaken. People who use the Greenroom app should be greeted by a message prompting them to update it. When you update the app, the name will change to Spotify Live.

The service will still live on in the dedicated app. There, you’ll still maintain the full functionality, and that means that you can still join the text conversation and speak in the show. If you have the Spotify or Greenroom apps, you should search those apps up in the Play Store and see if you have the update. If not, you’ll need to wait for it to hit your phone.