Sonos Acquires Mayht, A Company That Made Solar-Powered Speakers

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Sonos has acquired Dutch startup Mayht, which was recently in the news for creating a solar-powered speaker. It appears to be a cash-only deal worth $100 million. Sonos will share additional financial details about this acquisition in its Q2 2022 earnings call in May.

Sonos acquires Mayht

Mayht has developed a revolutionary audio technology called Heartmotion that enables rich sound quality in smaller speakers. The company claims it allows for the same sound and bass output in speakers up to ten times small than the currently available models in the market. This is enabled by its new approach to audio transducers, which “are the foundational element within speakers that create sound.”

The Dutch startup showcased a prototype speaker product featuring this technology at the CES 2022 earlier this year. Thanks to its smaller form factor and unique energy-efficient drivers, it could comfortably run on solar cells.


Sonos is now paying Mayht $100 million for this tech, and more — “incredible people” and intellectual property. It’s unclear whether the company will integrate the Mayht team in-house or allow them to continue working from their current location in the Netherlands.

“We are very excited and proud to become a part of Sonos,” said Mattias Scheek, CEO of Mayht (via). “Our dream has always been to set a new standard in the audio industry. The integration of our technology into Sonos products will further revolutionize high-quality sound.”

Sonos is currently fighting a legal battle against Google over smart speaker patents. The US International Trade Commission (ITC) earlier this year ruled that the search giant had infringed on five Sonos patents. It forced Google to make changes to some of its devices to circumvent an import ban.


The acquisition of Mayht may now enable Sonos to further strengthen its extensive audio lineup. “Mayht’s breakthrough in transducer technology will enable Sonos to take another leap forward in our product portfolio,” said CEO Patrick Spence. The company hopes this “strategic acquisition” will enable it to “further distinguish the Sonos experience, enhance our competitive advantage, and accelerate our future roadmap.”

Sonos could also soon enter the TV streaming space

We have always known Sonos as a smart speaker company. But it could soon expand to more peripheral categories, including TV streaming. The audio biggie recently started hiring staffers for a new “Home Theater OS” project. Not much else has been heard about this lately, but all these developments suggest Sonos is looking to grow its stature as an audio company. We will keep you posted.