Samsung Keyboard Brings Improvements To Text Correct & Clipboard

Samsung Keyboard On Store

While there are a ton of people who install Gboard on their Samsung devices, there are a lot of dedicated Samsung users who still opt for the pre-installed Samsung Keyboard. Now, according to GSM Arena, there’s a new update coming to Samsung Keyboard that will make it just a bit better. The changes include improvements to the clipboard and better text correction.

Since Samsung has such a large user base, there are a lot of people who actually use the Samsung Keyboard. It’s gathered a robust collection of features over the years, and it’s in direct competition with Gboard.

Now, there’s a new update that brings improvements to Samsung Keyboard

GSM Arena posted a screenshot showing a long list of additions and fixes coming to the keyboard. For starters, One UI 4 introduced a “Suggest Text Correction” feature, and it’s been improved with this update. One neat change that Samsung added was the ability to turn the suggestions on and off for individual apps.

This is good if you casually chat on some apps, but you use other apps for business. You can turn it off when you’re chatting with your friends on social media apps, and you can turn it on for business apps like email or Slack.


Samsung also adjusted the interface so that it’s the same across different countries. Before, there would be certain elements like symbols, settings, and language change buttons that would change depending on the country. Samsung changed them so they’ll be the same across different countries.

Lastly, there are some improvements to the clipboard

Rounding out the changes, this Samsung Keyboard update fixes some issues with the clipboard. There was a bug that caused the entire clipboard to be deleted all at once, and the company fixed that. Also, when you’re deleting everything in the clipboard, a popup will appear asking you to confirm that you also want to delete the pinned items.

Samsung also fixed several other issues. The one where text would disappear after changing the theme, where the pinned items would randomly rearrange themselves, where the “Copied” message would appear multiple times, and other issues.

If you use the Samsung Keyboard, you should look forward to this update to drop sometime soon. You should check the Galaxy Store to see if you can download it. It’s version