The Galaxy Z Fold4's S Pen Has Entered Mass Production

Galaxy Z Fold 4 concept image 112

Rumors are heating up about Samsung’s next team of foldable phones on the market. They also point to Samsung adding a dedicated S Pen to the Galaxy Z Fold4. Now, according to Mukul Sharma, the Galaxy Z Fold4’s S Pen has finally entered mass production.

For two generations, the Galaxy Z Fold series lacked compatibility with Samsung’s popular S Pen. A lot of people found that weird, as unfolding the phone basically made it a tablet. The tablet form factor is great for a stylus. Last year, Samsung finally added S Pen support for the Galaxy Z Fold3, and it was housed in an odd-looking phone case.

Now, the Galaxy Z Fold4’s S Pen has finally entered mass production

In a tweet, Mukul Sharma stated that the new S Pen has just begun production in several Eurasian countries. Details on this are scarce, but it is interesting that there’s going to be a dedicated S Pen for this phone. It’s possible for the company to just reuse the same S Pen from last year.


The S Pen could be housed in the phone itself

The fact that Samsung is making a dedicated S Pen for the Galaxy Z Fold4 could validate one rumor we’ve been following. Recent reports state that this phone will actually house an S Pen. Last year, if you wanted to use an S Pen for the Galaxy Z Fold3, you needed to use a special case. This case had a slot that housed the S Pen. It was practical but clunky and odd-looking. Also, the case was an extra accessory you had to purchase.

Now, there are reports that Samsung wants to actually have a housing for the S Pen within the Galaxy Z Fold4. Doing this will undoubtedly be a technological feat, as there just doesn’t seem to be room for an S Pen in a foldable. These phones are as thin as they can be at this point.

In order to do this, Samsung might have to make some compromises in order to make it fit. The new foldables are going to be launching sometime around August this year, so there’s still some time left to wait.